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So in order to appease my lecturer I recorded a 6 minute video of me knitting. Hopefully it’s boring enough for them to leave me alone from now on. This 20 second clip generally sums up my feelings on the subject.




Seventeen days.

Aliens was a revelation to me when I was a kid.

As soon as the actual action started, what immediately struck me was that every woman onscreen had her shit absolutely together, and every man (with the exception of Corporal Hicks, Bishop and Apone) was a complete walking clusterfuck.

Moreover, as in this .gifed scene, the narrative itself made it explicit that the only way the men were going to survive was by emulating the women.

And even though I was still just a dipshit kid when I first saw this, I didn’t pull on an MRA fedora and whine about my gender being portrayed in such an unflattering light, because even then, I immediately recognized, “This is what it’s like for women to watch literally every other sci-fi action film.  Well played, movie.”

Yet another reason why it is one of the greatest action movies ever made. And a reminder that I’ve not watched it in a while.



Green Jararaca

Bothriopsis bilineata (Viperidae), Syn. Bothrops bilineata, is a venomous pit viper from the Amazon. It is a sleek, green pit viper with a prehensile tail. Typical length is about 70 cm, although individuals up to 123 cm have been reported. Females are usually 10 to 20 cm longer than males.

This viper is potentially dangerous, as a single strike from this snake releases extremely toxic venom. Their venom contains pro-coagulant and anticoagulant agents and their bite can result in severe hemorrhaging. Bothriopsis bilineata has been reported to be the second most dangerous snake in the Amazon, behind only Bothrops atrox.

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©Paul Hamilton

Locality: Tiputini Biodiversity Station, Ecuador

Why is the trubbles’me ones always look SO mossfull and lichenlike… “but low be holds! Me also have a haed lok like a muscroom!” 10/10 Oo suepr cuute scrooms I wanna kiss

On Nicki Minaj’s song, ‘Anaconda’…

I quite like it. It’s refreshing. 
I mean, I can’t stand her voice, I don’t like the song, but I find her approach to sexuality and power a pleasant change to the standard. The song and videoclip are unapologetically vulgar. I approve.
She’s nowhere near as classy as Beyonce is with ‘Partition’ and ‘Flawless’ but I am enjoying women of colour expressing sexuality in a way that isn’t submissive, fetishised, or designed to please a male audience. I may not enjoy the songs (well, I like Partition, and I REALLY like Flawless, but Anaconda is like nails on a blackboard for me) but I do enjoy what the ladies are doing with them.

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